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Want to Join HRCU*?

  • All 98 Parishes in the Catholic Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph
  • Boy Scout Troop 80
  • Bishop Sullivan Center
  • Catholic Charities
  • Cherith Brooks Catholic Workers
  • Community Services League
  • Don Bosco Senior Center
  • Hispanic Economic Development Corporation
  • Little Sisters of the Poor
  • Migrant Farm Workers
  • Neighborhood Housing Services
  • Paris Brothers, Inc.
  • Westside Community Action Center

If you are moving your account from another financial institution, we have just made it easier for you! Now you can use our Automatic Switch Kit! After you answer a few questions, letters will be generated to transfer payments and credits from your old account. Just click on the button below and you can start now!

If you are a parishioner or the family member of a parishioner in any of the parishes or groups listed below, you are eligible to become a member. If your group is not listed, perhaps you would like to formally request addition to our field of membership. Currently, the following parishes or groups approved are:

If you would like additional information about how to sign up for Holy Rosary Credit Union membership, or if you would like to request that materials be sent to you, call 816.221.2734, or complete the short form below.

To join Holy Rosary Credit Union, you deposit $5 into your account, which must always remain in deposit until the day you end your credit union membership. There is also a one-time $5 membership fee.

Please bring the following items when you come in to join:

  • A deposit of at least $5 that must remain on deposit for the duration of your membership
  • $5 one time membership fee
  • A government-issued picture identification which can include
    • A valid U.S. Driver's License OR
    • A valid Matricula Consular Card or other government issued PICTURE identification
  • A tax-identification number, which can include:
    • A VALID Social Security Number issued to you in your name OR
    • A VALID Individual Tax Identification number issued to you (ITIN)

If you do not have a Social Security number or a ITIN, you may still open an account at Holy Rosary. You may use all the services, but you will not be able to receive dividends. You can have a debit card, checking account, savings account and more.

If your address on your government-issued ID is different from your present address, please provide one of the following:

  • A utility bill in your name and with your current address
  • A copy of your lase or rental agreement or mortgage statement in your name and with your current address
  • Another bill in your name and current address

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How to Join:

*Formal request for addition to the field of membership should be submitted to the Board of Directors. Click here to complete the letter of request.