Home Equity Line of Credit

*APR is Annual Percentage Rate. Limited time offer. Subject to membership and credit approval. Rates are subject to change. Special rate offer of 4.00% APR available only on new lines of credit with combined loan-to-value (LTV) ratio (including prior mortgages or liens) of 80% or less, with line amount of $5,000 or more for customers with automatic payments from a Holy Rosary Checking or other account and an "A" credit score. The APR may range from Prime Rates to Prime Rate plus 4.5%. The Prime Rate is quoted in the "Money Rates" column of The Wall Street Journal on the last business day of the month. As of 4/1/2009, the APR can range from 4.0% to 9.25%. The APR may change annually, but will not be lower than 4.00% nor exceed 18.00%. Maximum combined LTV is 80%. Insurance must be carried on property securing the loan. Early loan termination fees may apply.

**Consult a tax advisor regarding the detectability of interest. Equal housing lender.

Whether you need to pay off high-interest credit card debt, or add a room to your house, consider a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) at Holy Rosary Credit Union to help. A HELOC is simply a line of credit secured by the equity you have in your home. It can be used for whatever you need. You can send a child to college, or buy a new car, it’s up to you. Since HELOC Loans are secured by your home, the rates are usually lower than on some other forms of debt. The interest you pay may even be tax-deductible.

** Loans may be given for as much as $100,000 and as little as $5,000 depending on the equity in the home and other credit criteria. Why not get approved for your line of credit today? The money will then be available when you need it.

You may apply online now by clicking here and answering a few questions for us or for more information call us at 816.221.2734.

HELOC can help with rates at 4.00% APR*