Checking Made Easy

Review of the fee schedule will show that we have the LOWEST NSF fee in town. When you compare our $24.00 charge to that of larger financial institutions, it just makes sense to open your checking account with us.

Low Fees

If you are looking to open a checking account for the first time OR you have had difficulty handling an account in the past, CheckRight may be right for you!

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Visa (DEBIT) Check Cards

You can have 24-hour access to your money! Our new card acts like a debit and ATM card.  Apply for your Visa (DEBIT) Check Card now.

Overdraft Protection

If you accidentally overdraw your account, money will be transferred to cover a check or ACH from another account you have with us. Click here to complete the sign-up form.

Online Banking Access

You can transfer money between your accounts, make balance inquires, reconcile your accounts, review transactions, make loan payments, and see if checks have cleared. All you need to do is access online banking.

PAT, Automated Voice Response (AVR) Telephone Service

You can call PAT (855.327.8910), your personal automated teller, 24-hours a day to get your balance, see if deposits have been made, if checks have cleared and more. Just click here and complete the DocuSign form. Your PIN is the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number. Many people signed up for this service when they opened their account, so try calling PAT before completing the form to see if you already have access.  

Direct Deposit

You may have your payroll or social security directly deposited to the account All you need to do is provide our routing number which is 301080936 and your core account number. Then you mark whether you want thedeposit to go into savings or checking.