Budgeting and Saving

Budgeting and Saving


Whatever your financial goals are, a budget is an essential tool for reaching them. A budget can simplify decision making, reduce stress, and get you started on your savings goals! Your savings goals may be:

  • An emergency savings account
  • A car to get to work
  • Paying down credit card debt
  • An engagement ring
  • A down payment for a house
  • Saving for your kids' education
  • Retirement

Learn How to Budget Successfully

Learn How to Make Saving Easy

Take Action

  • Prioritize your expenses
  • Use a budgeting tool that works well for you. This could be a spreadsheet, an Excel sheet, a Google Sheet, or a budgeting app. What matters is that you compare your spending to your budget regularly and make changes to your budget or spending where necessary.  
  • Make saving easy through Automatic Saving, Save the Change, and depositing a portion of your payroll into a savings account.
  • Celebrate the small victories of budgeting and saving!

Personalized Assistance

Budget Boost is a free service of Holy Rosary Credit Union. You can expect to receive thorough, non-judgmental budget counseling from a staff member trained in financial coaching. Budget Boost sessions are held over Zoom. 

Rather than simply telling you what to do, the staff member will ask lots of questions, provide you with options and resources, and help you develop a budget that works for you. 

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We Want to Hear from You!

Tell us about your experience with Financial Wellness services from Holy Rosary Credit Union! Your feedback will help us know what is most beneficial and what can be improved. 

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