Community Workshops

In-person and online workshops for Financial Education

2.15 10 Steps To Financial Success 

in-person, 7-8pm

We will cover: Establishing goals, taking stock, creating a budget, living within your means, paying yourself first, deleting your debt, home sweet home, diversifying, planning ahead and getting financial help.


2.21 Credit 101

via Zoom, 7-8pm

We will cover: What is credit and why is it important, how do you build or rebuild credit, credit myths, and healthy credit habits.


2.28 Welcome Home 

in-person, 7-8pm 

We will cover: How much can you afford, mortgage types, how much money do you need, prequalification vs preapproval, shopping for homes, and loans and last steps.


The in-person classes will take place at:

Heart of God Evangelistic Ministries

5704 Norfleet Rd., Kansas City, MO 64133


Community Workshops