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Options to Vote Safely in the November 3rd Election

Information for Missouri Voters

While you may still vote in-person on November 3rd, here is information on absentee and mail-in voting. 


Absentee Voting: voting early because you’re unable to vote in-person on election day. Upon your request, an absentee ballot is mailed to you. You fill it out and return it early to your local election board either in-person or through any mail service. 

Mail-in Voting: voting early by mail. Upon your request, an absentee ballot is mailed to you. You fill it out, have the envelope notarized, then mail it to your local election board through USPS. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I eligible?

Mail-In: Every registered voter is eligible

Absentee: You are eligible for any of these reasons

  • Absence from the area on election day
  • Confined due to illness or physical disability
  • Religious belief or practice
  • Employment as a poll worker
  • Incarceration
  • Participation in an address confidentiality program
  • Contracted Covid-19
  • At-risk of contracting or transmitting Covid-19
    • age 65+
    • living in a long-term care facility
    • is immunocompromised
    • has a serious heart or lung condition, including asthma
    • has diabetes
    • has chronic kidney disease and is undergoing dialysis
    • has liver disease

How do they know I fit the criteria for being at-risk of contracting or transmitting Covid-19?

They take your word for it. You’re not required to prove this. 

Therefore, most people should be able to vote absentee. 

Do I need a notary signature on the envelope?

Mail-In: Yes

Absentee: Maybe. You do not need a notary if you are:

  • incapacitated due to illness or physical disability
  • at-risk of contracting or transmitting Covid-19

**If your ballot requires a notary signature, do not sign it until you are in front of a notary**

Where can I get a notary signature?

Notaries can be found at 

Credit unions and banks
UPS stores
Law, real estate, or tax offices
Libraries and colleges
It’s a good idea to call ahead and confirm they have a notary. 

How soon can get started?


Requesting: open
Voting absentee begins Sept 22nd 

Requesting: open
Voting by mail begins Sept 22nd 

**It is best to request an absentee/mail-in ballot NOW so you receive it in late September, vote, and help local election boards by not adding to the last-minute rush**


How long do I have?


Last day to request in-person: Nov 2nd 
Last day to request by mail: Oct 21st 
Last day to vote absentee in-person: Nov 2nd
Last day to vote absente by mail: ballot must be received by 7pm on election day

Last day to request by mail: Oct 21st
Last day to vote by mail: ballot must be received by 7pm on election day

If I request to vote by mail, then change my mind, what can I do?

You must surrender the mail-in ballot that was mailed to you by bringing it to your local election board. Then, you can either choose to vote absentee or wait and vote in-person on election day. 

How do I mail my completed ballot?

Ballots, if being returned by mail, must be mailed through USPS. 

What about IDs?

If your ballot requires a notary, you will need to show one of the following IDs to the notary

ID issued by the state of Missouri, federal government, or local election board
ID issued by a Missouri higher education institution
A current utility bill, bank statement, paycheck, government check, or other government document that contains your name and address. 

Kansas City

Absentee Voting rules and procedures

Mail-In Voting rules and procedures

Application to request Absentee or Mail-In Voting

More information: Kansas City Election Board or call 816.842.4820

Independence, Raytown or anyone in Jackson County but not Kansas City

Eligibility and Instructions for Absentee or Mail-In Voting

Absentee Voting application

Mail-In Voting application

More information: Jackson County Election Board or call 816.325.4600

St. Joseph

Absentee Voting request

Mail-In Voting request

More information: Buchanan County Clerk’s Website or call 816.271.1412