INFORMATION ON Debit Card Conversion
  • Digital wallet usage with Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay (coming soon)
  • Enhanced security and fraud protection
  • 24-Hour Service Center to assist with your card needs
  • 24-Hour self-serve card control mobile app through CardNav (coming soon)

We want our members to have a robust debit card that offers the best that technology can offer. Thus, Holy Rosary has changed Debit Card


All the benefits of the new card program will not be initially available, but, enchanced functionality will continue to be added in the months after the initial conversion.  Some of the benefits of the new card do or will include:

Important:  If you have automatic payments to other companies set up on your debit card, you will need to make changes to payment instructions.  Your old debit card will not work after that date, and you might incur return funds charges with these vendors.  Some examples where you might have used your debit card to set up automatic payments might be health club memberships, credit card payments, utility bills and more.  Remember that when you set up payments using your debit card number, the funds are withdrawn from your account almost immediately and you will have to go through a dispute process to get your funds back.  Even then, you may not win the dispute and be able to get the money back. If you authorize those payments by ACH (routing and transit number plus your account number), it is easier to return these withdrawals, if not authorized.  The routing number for Holy Rosary Credit Union is 301080936. 

If you haven't received a new card and you would like one, please call the credit union.

Debit Card Conversion - Phase I Complete!

  • The old debit cards will no longer work.  You need to have a card as pictured below.
  • Change any automatic payments you have set up with old debit card.
  • HRCU is working to provide a digital card for your wallet.  It will be available soon along with CardNav, a card control app.

Summary of important events in article below: