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1. What are the requirements to use Holy Rosary Credit Union's Mobile Banking app?
You must be an active member with access to Online Banking. If you've already registered for Online Banking, use the same username and password for the Mobile App that you use for Online Banking. 
2. What if I've never signed up for Online Banking?
Click  HERE to sign up for Online Banking now, or sign up in the app! If you're a first time user, you'll need to know your account number (for your User ID) and the last 4 digits of your SSN (for your password). If you have questions about your individual situation, please contact the credit union.
3. Where can I find the Terms and Conditions for using HRCU's Mobile Banking Services?
The Mobile Banking Services Agreement can be found HERE.
4. Is there a fee to download or use the app?
Holy Rosary Credit Union does not charge a fee to download or use the app. Your cell phone carrier may charge fees associated with your data plan.
5. What can I do with the mobile app?
You can view account balances and transaction history, deposit checks, and make transfers and payments on the available suffixes. You can also locate ATMs and Branches, and more!
6. Is the mobile app secure?
The mobile app uses SSL encryption to communicate securely throughout the entire process of accessing your accounts.
7. What if I lock myself out of the app?
Accounts are locked out after three (3) failed login attempts. To reset your account, you will need to contact the credit union at 816-221-2734 during normal business hours.
8. How long does each login session last?
Each login session lasts five (5) minutes from the beginning of the session. The timer is not reset with activity.
9. How can I further protect my account information?
You can protect your account information by taking additional steps:
- Use the screen locking feature of your mobile device.
- Never save your account number on your mobile device.
- Always use the Logout feature of the mobile app.
- Request a password change if your mobile device is lost or stolen.
10. I'm having trouble accessing BillPay from my iPhone/Apple Device. Why?
If you're using an iPhone or other Apple device and are having trouble accessing BillPay within the app, please update your device's iOS and Safari. Your iOS needs to be 13.1 and Safari needs to be 13.0.5.

FAQs for Mobile Banking App

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